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Scents for the Soul

Experience the soulfully scented products of SoulFlame Co. Our small business prides itself on providing ethically sourced soy wax and fragrance ingredients free from harmful additives. Our products are designed for energy shifting, high vibrational frequencies, and mood enhancement. Treat yourself to the ultimate self-care experience with our selection of candles, bath, and body products.


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Quality Everything With
You In Mind

Hand-poured in the U.S., our luxurious soy based Candles emit the warm scent that will warm any home. Fill your room with notes of sandalwood, mango, and vanilla to create the perfect ambiance. 

Here at SoulFlame Co., you can create your own custom candle, unwind with a mini wine tasting, hosted by our favorite local winery, Arri'bin Hills Winery, and treat yourself to a glass of your favorite wine as well as personal charcuterie cups and gifts. Come in for a unique sensory experience that's sure to leave you feeling relaxed and inspired.

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