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All About SoulFlame Co.

Bringing Love, Luxury and Intimacy to all of life’s moments by encouraging  Peace, Mindfulness, and Self Care.  SoulFlame Co. is here as a reminder to stop and breathe. Deeply. Intentionally. Do this without fear of toxic chemicals compromising the air quality in your space because all of our products are made with high-quality supplies, ingredients, & oils that are non-toxic and skin safe.

So rest, find peace, ground, and recharge yourself with our sensuous, long lasting, and enchanting fragrances. 

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Meet The Owner
Connecting People To Self Care Through Candles

This Is Us

We make candles for any and all occasions. Allow us to set the mood with our candles. Soul Flame candles are high-quality, burn clean (even if you play dirty), and smell amazing. 

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